Q4 Assessment : An energy crisis, a wild dollar & the Global Consequences.

03.11.2022 - 18:00 UTC


The 2020 Pandemic crisis has resulted in a massive fiscal expansion,  as a result, the national debt of the wester economies has increased considerable. In addition, the feared inflation has come back breaking records and forecasts, and no, it was not temporary after all.

The Federal Reserve has taken the lead, rapidly increasing interest rates and reducing liquidity in Global Markets.

Unfortunately, reducing the rate of inflation will take time to respond. Meanwhile, lack of liquidity is dragging equity markets and affecting commodity prices.
Finally, the new tax plan in United Kingdom has negatively impacted its currency and sovereign bonds.

Join us in this conference to access to a fresh and useful Global market update,  boosting your investment prospects on equity, bonds, commodities and forex for the coming months.
- China deceleration post-covid era.  
- Ukrainian war.
- Consequences on Energy and metal markets.
- FED decision and impact on Currencies and bond market.
- New Fiscal plan in UK and its impact on Markets.